Contracts and Licenses

International Contract and License Negotiations ~ The Firm provides legal advice and assists in structuring commercial transactions world wide for outward-bound companies. Recent assignments have included Germany, France, Iceland, Luxembourg, China, Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Russia, Bahamas, Isle of Man, and Samoa.
We also provide legal services to Foreign Companies desiring to do business in the U.S., including contract negotiation, distribution agreements, bank financing, venture capital transactions, acquisitions by Foreign Companies, labor relations, etc.

International Business Litigation ~ Our Lawyers are available to represent overseas companies sued in U.S. Courts, as well as to assist U.S. companies involved in offshore litigation.

Estate Planning Onshore and Offshore and International Probate ~ Our Firm can provide Estate Planning services to U.S. Citizens and Residents, and to offshore individuals. Our experts can assist whether the heirs or the estate are offshore.

International Film Financing ~ The Firm provides legal advice regarding the sale of International Film rights, Film distributorship, and offshore financing for the Domestic Entertainment Industry.

Asset Protection ~ Our Lawyers provide advice and strategies to U.S. Citizens and Residents as to Asset Protection, utilizing both onshore techniques and offshore structures. The Firm also assists offshore clients in asset protection on a worldwide basis.

Offshore Tax Planning for Transnationals ~ We are available to assist offshore parties with transnational tax planning on a worldwide basis.